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Åkulla Bokskogar is also called the central Halland beech forest area. A scenic, 50 square kilometer area, with around 20 lakes and many fine viewpoints. Within the area also unique attractions such as Bexell's talking stones and Bockstens bog.



Hike in Åkulla beech forests, a scenic area consisting of 12 nature reserves and around 20 lakes.


The landscape is beautiful and varied with open fields and dramatic mountain slopes. A magical experience all year round and regardless of the season.

Experience a unique natural area in the interior of Halland, near Falkenberg and Varberg. Here there are 12 hiking trails of varying difficulty, each between 1.6 – 6 km, but most linked via an excellent trail system. The Hallandsleden also passes through the area.

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Yasjöstigen 5.3

The trail starts at Åkulla Outdoor Resort. Easy hiking around Yasjön, with the exception of a hilly and rocky section that limits accessibility. Mixed forest is dominant, but a short stretch runs through the reserve "Åkullaboket" which consists of older beech forest. Hiking, trail running and MTB cycling

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Bockstenstigen 3.9

The Bockstensstigen goes for large parts through the Nabben nature reserve, 3.9 km. Link from Åkulla Outdoor Resort.

Hilly hike that is largely made up of beautiful beech forest. From the eastern parking lot, you can easily get to the Bockstens bog and the place where the famous Bockstensman was found. Hiking, trail running and MTB cycling.


Gives you a chance to experience varied nature and rich cultural offerings.


Halland's beautiful hinterland on foot by hiking the Hallandsleden. Experience nature up close and enjoy peace and quiet. The Hallandsleden meets the Skåneleden in the south and the Bohusleden in the north. On its way through Halland, you can choose an eastern and a western stretch of the trail. The two routes join in Åkulla, east of Varberg and in Gyltige, north of Simlångsdalen.

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Create team spirit in a natural environment

We know that nature is doing us some good! RELAX for a few hours! The forest and the lake give you great opportunities to add a golden edge to your conference.

“Thank you - we had a wonderful day! One actually said that the walk was the best thing he had done in a very long time. Such a good mix of everything. We really liked having coffee out with. Very nice with the fire and coffee tastes so good outdoors." 
Sara Tjus 
Vivab, Water and Environment in the West.


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