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Welcome to our community!

We who run Åkulla Outdoor Resort are a family for three generations with both drive and a great passion for  health, sports and nature. January 2020 we took over Friluftsgården in Åkulla.  

We fell in love with the opportunity to jointly develop this place in scenic Åkulla and fill it with activity and warmth. Of course we want it to be easy for you to stay here with us. Our ambition is to create a meeting place where it is easy to live, eat and experience - right in the heart of the inviting forests here on the West Coast.  


The family has solid experience in everything from running training facilities and educations in health to coaching elite sports initiatives. At home at the dinner table, there may be some sports talk, but it is team spirit, not competition results, that is the most important thing for us.


We believe in the long-term and our hearts beat extra for nature, therefore we work to try to minimize our environmental impact and are happy to take on a responsibility that extends beyond the hotel lobby.



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