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Wind protection and floating raft, Yasjön

About 150 meters out in Lake Yasjön there is an island and it is possible to go to it with a cable car raft. The raft has room for 9-12 people and you pull yourself out to the island via a rope. On the island there is a campsite with shelter from the wind. Remember to buy firewood from us as this is not available on the island.

The cable car fleet is in operation from June 1 to mid-October, the rest of the time refer to the wind protection behind the pitches by the lake.

Important to remember!

Burning outdoors is always associated with the risk of the fire spreading. Burning is ALWAYS at your own risk and under your own responsibility! Always find out the prevailing fire risk before starting a fire. Visit the West Rescue Service for the current fire risk forecast.

Åkulla Bokskogar

Welcome to Åkulla forest forests

Åkulla bokskogar is a fifty square kilometer nature area located in the interior of Halland in the triangle formed by Varberg, Falkenberg and Ullared. Within the area there are around twenty lakes and twelve nature reserves. Today it is considered one of Sweden's foremost beech forest areas, given the wealth of unusual and endangered species found there.

We give our 5 best excursion tips!

Öströö Sheep Farm

Stig's MC and Motor Museum

Ästad Vingård





More than 100 years ago, inventor Ernst Alexanderson was experimenting on the other side of the Atlantic. What he didn’t know then was that his invention would pave the way for the emergence of the wireless society.


In 2004, Grimeton Radio Station was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List of unique natural and cultural heritage sites worthy of preservation for the future. That’s partly because the station at Grimeton is the only one of its kind left that shows what wireless technology looked like in its early years of development, and also what it has made possible for humans in terms of technology.



As a resident guest, you have a green fee discount on two of Halland's main courses. To take advantage of the discount, start time must be booked and paid for via our reception. 

Read more about our golf packages 

Hofgårds GK – Golf on nature's terms

Only 10 minutes by car from Åkulla Outdoor Resort through the beautiful beech forest you will reach Hofgården GK. The course, which is ecological, is located in Himleån's valley. Half the course is in an old open agricultural landscape and the other part in a hilly deciduous forest area, which makes it varied. With the help of the River Stenån that winds past and through the area, the course has several natural water obstacles.

Harabäckens GK - The West Coast's most open facility

The course is open all year with regular summer greens as long as there is bare ground. The first 12 holes are varied with hilly, forest and park character. The last six holes are flat with more water. A varied and challenging layout you can't miss! 15 minutes by car from Åkulla Outdoor Resort.


Find more hidden gems

The A Day In Halland app gives you lots of holiday tips from all over Halland: nice beaches, family outings, cozy farm shops, lovely self-picking, exciting cycle paths and so on - so we can spread out a little more!

The tips are based on where in Halland you are and what you are interested in.




Taking care of your health perfectly is almost impossible, but every little improvement is a win!

How healthy do you want to be?  "10 steps to better health"

Here you get the answers to your thoughts - We list 10 of the most important points you should follow to live a long and healthy life! We talk about exercise, stomach bacteria, stress and food you should definitely avoid and what you must not miss.

Lecturer: Conny Thom - Wellify

For more information and booking, you are welcome to email or call 0340-835 00

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