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Tasty experiences

You start the adventure with an evening of laughter, good friends, steamy saunas and evening dips in the quiet of Yasjön
quiet. Then there will be dinner and a hotel experience close to nature at the Åkulla outdoor resort.

After a lovely breakfast buffet, it's time to wrap up
in the gentle presence of the forest with a hike through Åkulla's beech forests. When you reach the goal – Hakestad's base camp, there will be fellowship and joy over an open fire. Boiled coffee, the smell of the forest, the sound of crackling logs, and the flavors of local ingredients in their right element – a crackling fire in Halland's beautiful forests.

When you've slept to the sound of the wind through the branches of the trees, and had breakfast on a stump in the scent of moss, it's time to lace up your boots again. New route and new adventures, with a lunch stop at Härliga Öströö sheep farm. Sit down and enjoy a quiet, tasty lunch in a lovely farm setting, surrounded by gentle sheep. Then take something good locally produced home with you, and let the memory of nature's gentle calm accompany you for a long time to come.



Van drin g Hallandsleden with Friends


Companies included in package: Åkulla Outdoor Resort, Camp Hakestad and Öströö sheep farm

Combine forest, hiking, lake and sauna bathing and in beautiful Åkulla in the middle of Halland's fantastic landscape. Sleep well close to nature and enjoy locally grown, close-to-nature food experiences and spend one of the nights in a tree tent in the scenic Åkulla Bokskogar. We promise a unique and memorable 2-night experience

with friends and family.

Bookable dates

April 12-14, April 26-29, May 9-11, May 10-12, May 31-June 2, September 6-8, September 20-22, October 4-6



Check-in at Åkulla Outdoor Resort from at 3 p.m.
Between check-in and dinner, you enjoy lake bathing and a wood-burning sauna in the quiet and beautiful Yasjön.

Dinner is served mainly from organic, Krav-labeled and locally produced ingredients based on the season. You sleep well in double rooms that are inspired by nature in the form of forest, stone and cork.


Wake up close to nature and enjoy the locally produced breakfast buffet between 07.30-09.00
After breakfast, you pick up your lunch box from Light My Fire with Ramlösa and a Fibr power bar.

At At 10.30 you start the beautiful hike along the Hallandsleden. Equipped with a map of the hiking trails, you make your way through forest, land and magnificent surroundings towards Camp Hakestad. The hike takes about 4-6 hours, including a lunch stop, depending on which trail you choose.

You arrive at the beautiful grounds at Camp Hakestad where Susanne meets you.
After you have made yourself at home and lit a fire, you prepare a 4-course dinner together, which is prepared from local ingredients from the producers in the surrounding area and supplemented with what can be found in the forest and land during the season. The food is cooked over an open fire, on a grill or in a storm kitchen and will never have tasted better.

Overnight stays in tree tents



Wake up rested in the middle of nature surrounded by the beautiful forest. Breakfast is served and enjoyed at 08.30.
At 10.00 you start the hike back towards Åkulla Resort with a lunch stop at Öströö Fårfarm approx. 12.00. Öströö Fårfarm, which is certified for its animal care, is run by Kristian and Jeanette Carlsson, who have about 550 ewes of the Gotland sheep breed. The farm is run organically and here you enjoy lunch in a wonderful agricultural environment.

After lunch, you continue the hike and estimated arrival back to Åkulla Resort is estimated to be around 3 p.m. depending on how long you enjoy lunch and hiking pace.

Return journey from Åkulla if you have not booked an additional night for an additional charge.

Price per person incl. VAT:

From SEK 4,995 (incl. accommodation for 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, swimming in the lake and lake sauna, 1 box lunch, 1 lunch voucher, 2-course dinner, 4-course dinner. Hiking map/Print with contact, tips, schedule, etc.



Åkulla Outdoor Resort is located in the middle of Åkulla Bokskogar with a view of the beautiful Yasjön.



Check-in from at 3 p.m

You sleep well in double rooms that are inspired by nature in the form of forest, stone and cork.


Accommodation is in tree tents and the following is included:


Tree tents including help with setting up, one battery-powered tent lamp per tent and a power bank for mobile charging.
Sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow
Utensils for cooking and dishes

Access to coffee and tea throughout the stay.
Firewood, lighting equipment, ax and knife for the campfires.
30 liters of fresh water in a can from the groundwater source in Hakestad (for drinking, dishes and hygiene)
Hosted by Susanne Thorsson from check-in, tent setup and during dinner on the evening of arrival and before breakfast on the day of departure.

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